Aroma Confort Body by Decléor

Cosmetic products are as diverse and individual in their use as their manufacturers. Depending on skin type, sensitivity or characteristics of the skin, every type will find the body care products to suit them. The Aroma Confort series from Decléor Paris unites these different needs and issues in an extraordinary collection of products. The melding of oils, butter essences and herbs has produced a healthy mix of essential fragrances and nourishing elements.

Where coconut oil meets cypress

Decléor Paris presents a broad spectrum of fine cosmetics for body care. Exquisite cuckoo flower oil is combined with the softening shea butter, producing the perfect balance with the essential oils of cypress, thyme and myrrh. Whether as lotion, hand care or shower gel – the products from this Decléor Paris series are highly- recommended for the whole body. They protect from premature aging of the skin, supply the formation of new cells with nutrients and therefore ensure comprehensive body care . The ingredients have been developed on a natural basis, guaranteeing maintainance of the cells. The look is fresher and you’ll see the difference these cosmetics make after only a few applications. Glow with joie de vivre and make Decléor Paris be part of your daily routine. The result will thrill you!