Aroma Nutrition Body by Decléor

The Aroma Nutrition line focuses on cosmetics for body care to address dry to very dry skin. Included in the series are a nourishing balsam, a rich body oil and a dry oil, which is recommended for the face, hair and body. A special feature of the cosmetics from Decléor is the strong link of the formulas to aromatherapy. In general, the renowned brand from France understands individual beauty as something quite holistic. For this reason, the cosmetic formulas are always dedicated to the specific needs of a particular hair or skin type as well as to a general feeling of well-being.

Intensive care for dry skin or hair and balance within the body

Plant-based ingredients and essential oils play a central role in the composition of aroma cosmetics. In this way, the dry oil from the Aroma Nutrition line benefits from regenerating frankincense and high-performance camomile oil. Thanks to this extraordinary body care series, it’s not just tired skin that is given back an energetic glow with a soft texture. This daily care range provides a revitalising spa-like experience that will benefit the entire body and soul. Since its founding in 1974, many cosmetic institutes have put their trust in the exclusive care product series by Decléor, who as far as possible abstain from using questionable ingredients such as mineral oil.