Aroma Lisse Face by Decléor

The Aroma Lisse facial care products are suitable for women over the age of 30. The beauty products combat the first signs of aging and provide an altogether fresher, younger complexion. The ingenious formulas target the different skin types and combine select essential oils and plant oils. The range includes many different products, from typical face creams to high-performance serums.

Aroma Lisse - cosmetics to halt skin aging

Essence De Nuit will care for your skin during the night. Vital cell functions are activated, so that you awake the next day feeling fresh and rested. You can also enjoy smooth, supple, lustrous skin. With Gommeur Yeux 2-en-1 Rides you can say goodbye to wrinkles around the eyes. This skincare product protects from new wrinkles and corrects already existing wrinkles and fine lines. At the same time, unflattering dark circles will be hidden, leaving you looking younger and more awake. Decléor recommends the Aromessence Mandarine facial product for intensive care. This is a highly-concentrated serum that can be applied to the skin at the very first signs of aging. Health-giving plant-based oils extracted, for example, from hazelnuts or sunflowers, provide this beauty product with its refreshing effect. The serum supplies the skin with moisture and makes it visibly firmer.