Aurabsolu Face by Decléor

Just like the facial products, the entire range of cosmetics from Decléor is irresistable. Since the very beginnings of the company back in 1974, the philosophy has been to stay true to yourself and that the well-being of the body and soul is important for the health of the skin. True to this philosophy, all Decléor products are made of 100% pure and natural ingredients - and of course without any preservatives or artificial colourings. In this way, the effects of the cosmetics are maximised, the impact on the environment is minimised and your skin is cared for perfectly. Decléor Aurabsolu range is a very special facial skin care range. The main ingredients are jasmine absolute, orange flavonoids, extract of tamarind and samphire as well as vitamins and essential oils. The line is also free from parabens and mineral oils.

Decléor Aurabsolu refreshes tired skin and makes it glow

The Aurabsolu facial care line comprises a refreshing face spray, which can simply be sprayed over the face in the morning or during the day, when necessary to refresh the skin in seconds. A special product with amaranth and caffeine to promote radiance targets dark circles under the eyes. Immediately after applying, your eyes will glow and will appear very refreshed. The **facial care programme is rounded off with a “wake-up” product. Simply apply in the morning to cleansed skin and you’ll immediately appear fresh, awake and rested. Decléor Aurabsolu is simply the perfect care product for tired skin, for example when you’ve been travelling and haven’t had enough sleep or when the stress of everyday life won’t allow you to rest. The cosmetics’ nourishing ingredients smooth and soothe the skin, allowing it to really glow and giving it new power.