Life Radiance Face by Decléor

With the Life Radiance series, the French brand Decléor Paris offers an innovative palette of skincare products that provide skin of every type with a wonderful, vibrant radiance and a luminous shine, and awake vitality. Through a combination of two active ingredients – essential saro oil and plant-derived prebiotic – the skin’s natural immune system is reinforced and the structure is refined. Further valuable ingredients such as elemi essential oil improve the radiance of the complexion and the skin’s glow.

Decléor Life Radiance - facial care for radiance and vitality

The innovative Life Radiance series by Decléor Paris has en energising effect and brings new life to stressed, pallid, dull, sallow and tired-looking skin. The product’s revitalising effect will bring a new glow to the skin and ensures more radiance. With their immediate and long-lasting effects, ingredients such as the essential oils from the saro and elemi plants as well as a plant-derived prebiotic represent a real source of energy. In this way, the powerful "Life Radiance Masque Flash Éclat" mask can deliver a fresh complexion in only three minutes, for example.. With an AHA fruit complex of passionfruit, grapes and pineapple, it eliminates all signs of tiredness, stimulates the microcirculation in the skin and removes any slightly hardened skin from the surface. The result is a soft, smooth and even skin that glows with natural radiance and vitality.

The "Life Radiance Gommage Double Éclat" skin peel works against poorly nourished, degenerated and sallow skin. It contains three exfoliating particles (Egyptian loofah fibres, cardamom seeds from Madagascar and jojoba beads) and echium oil, which is a rich source of fatty acids omega 3, 6 and 9. The 2-phase facial care cosmetic "Crème Double Éclat" offers an effective solution to dull, sallow skin that’s in need of a dose of energy and radiance.