Manicure tools Yes by ERBE

The modern manicure tools from the Yes range by Becker Manicure enable easy and professional nail care. Fingernails and toenails can quickly be treated at any time and given a groomed, attractive look at any time with the ergonomically formed tools, which are manufactured to professional quality. Since 1930, the quality brand Becker Manicure from Solingen has specialised in the manufacture of manicure and pedicure tools, and offers high-quality cosmetic products of the best quality at a very good price. The manicure tools are modelled so that the best results are always achieved. For improved and precise handling as well as to avoid injuries, the manicure tools are made with non-slip handles.

The Yes range from the company Becker in Solingen - cosmetic products for professional nail care

Women and men can choose from various spatulas, nail sticks and cuticle pushers in the Yes range, which are made solely from stainless steel. The Yes product range by the brand manufacturer Becker Manicure also features classic manicure products such as nail scissors and files, with which men and women can easily complement their existing manicure tools. Thanks to the carefully selected combination of high-quality tools, nail care can be fully tailored to personal needs. Professional nail studios also have the opportunity to profit from the wide range of beauty and manicure tools and can expand their selection of tools and nail care accessories. The majority of the high-quality cosmetic products are polished, welded, and assembled by hand. This significantly increases the quality of the individual nail care tools. The stainless steel manicure tools from Becker Manicure have a long lifespan and can be cleaned easily under running water.