Vegetable hair dye

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Vegetable hair dye – a kinder way to achieve a natural look

Everybody knows that dyeing your hair with chemicals can cause damage and make it weak and prone to breakage. If you’re feeling like switching things up, plant-based alternatives are definitely worth considering. Because vegetable hair dye only uses natural colouring agents. Depending on your hair type and structure, you can create stunning highlights and vibrant shades – in a completely gentle way.

Vegetable hair colour: What’s in it?

The effect is similar to a tint. The ammonia-free hair colour doesn’t penetrate the hair, it simply envelops it like a film. However, vegetable hair dyes tend to last longer than regular hair colours. Not only is the gentle action perfect for your lovely locks, it also does its bit for the planet. The gorgeous brilliance in herbal hair colour is achieved with the help of these substances:

  • Henna: The classic among plant-based colours. This powder turns a vibrant red when it comes into contact with water. Depending on the blend, this creates vibrant shades of red, brown or black.
  • Black tea extract: This concoction can make your hair go a shade darker and make natural black look even more striking Often included in combination with sage and rosemary in vegetable hair dyes.
  • Indigo extract: Creates a rich, dark shade and adds a touch of blue shimmer to black hair.
  • Chamomile blossoms: Gently lighten and add luminous highlights to blond hair. In vegetable hair colour, adding a splash of lemon juice really kicks up the wow factor.

The good news is: The more stressed your hair is, the better the vegetable hair colour holds. Since the cuticle layer is already roughened, it offers a greater surface area for the pigment to bond to. Basically, you shouldn’t expect miracles from vegetable hair dye. You can’t always achieve a drastic colour change – your natural hair colour often shines through but it’s enhanced by some lovely colour reflections.

Discover the magic of chemical-free hair dyes

They’re anything but boring! Don’t worry, there is a wide range of shades around nowadays. Except for colours like blue, green or violet. Otherwise, you’ll find the perfect ammonia-free hair colour for all your wishes. Usually, products from the same product range can also be mixed with each other to create even more unique results. A further advantage: If you use vegetable hair colour regularly, you’ll be amazed at how it can transform your hair, giving it a dazzling shine and a luxuriously soft feel.

Vegetable hair dyes: How to apply

Before applying chemical-free hair dyes, give your hair a good wash with a deep cleansing shampoo. This removes any silicone build-up, making sure your hair is thoroughly primed. Vegetable hair colour typically comes in a convenient powdered form. You simply mix this with warm water until you get a a creamy texture. You’ll find the exact quantities in the package insert.

For best results, apply this to hair that’s been towel-dried. It works best when applied to towel-dried hair. Otherwise, you might end up with streaks. To do this, you can either use a traditional tint brush or use your fingers. But remember to wear gloves, as vegetable hair colour can stain the skin. The exposure time varies depending on your hair type, intensity and brand.

Next, give everything a good rinse with plenty of warm water until the water runs clear and there are no more hints of colour. To ensure optimal results, avoid shampooing for the next 24 hours to let the vegetable hair dye set. Just a quick heads up, the new shade might darken a tad further.

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