The Korres Company was founded in 1996 in Greece, to be more precise in Athens, and is one of the oldest chemist shops in Athens to be run on a homeopathic basis. The tolerable facial care and make-up products are all produced from natural essences, with no added pollutants whatsoever. In consequence, the product collections are completely free of mineral oils, silicon, ammoniac, parabens, derivatives, ethanolamines and propylene glycols. The Greek manufacturer attaches particularly great importance to transparency, which is why all products contain a table that provides precise information on the additives and the distribution thereof. That way you always know what essences you are currently using.

Effective natural cosmetics from Athens

All the Korres products are tested for tolerability before their launch. To this end, extensive clinical trials are conducted to ensure the products are also ideally suitable for sensitive skin. The very well tolerated brand is suitable for all skin types and can also be used for persons with, for example, a rapidly irritable or very dry skin. Various care products, among other things, but also make-up and even fragrance lines for men and women are sold.