Miro - Feet - Barefoot Spray Miro - Feet - Barefoot Spray

Barefoot Spray by Miro

100 ml

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Description by Feet Barefoot Spray by Miro

Women who love to wear open-toed shoes or pumps use the Miro Glamorous Feet Barefoot Spray for silky soft feet.

The Spray absorbs immediately into your foot skin

, forms a protective film and gives your feet a silky shine. The shiny protective film of the Miro Glamorous Feet Barefoot Spray, which contains real silk proteins, also reduces rubbing between your feet and footwear at the same time. For best results, the Spray is simply sprayed onto freshly cleaned and dried feet. The active ingredients in the Foot Spray are fully absorbed soon after, leaving your feet feeling shiny and soft. Any existing calluses are smoothed over, making it much easier for you to put on stocking or tights too. The ingredients in the Barefoot Spray are delicate on your skin. The Miro Glamorous Feet Barefoot Spray is therefore perfectly suited for normal skin types and can be used on a daily basis after you have had a bath or shower.

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