Naomi Campbell Perfume

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Naomi Campbell perfume: Enveloped in timeless grace

Uncompromising self-confidence and breathtaking beauty: Naomi Campbell perfume embodies these qualities. Time seems not to have had an effect on this icon of the haute couture catwalks. She looks just as radiant today as she did at the beginning of her career a few years ago now.

Since 1999, the name Naomi Campbellhas been synonymous with perfume, which she markets with the Procter & Gamble group. So far, a total of 25 different fragrances by Naomi Campbell have been released.

These Naomi Campbell perfumes are especially popular:

  • Naomi Campbell Womens fragrances: Naomi’s first fragrance from 1999 inspires women all over the world who want to present themselves seductively and erotically, but also successfully and dynamically. Cactus blossoms, magnolias and orchids make for a brilliant start, that softens into sweet figs and white peaches before finishing with strong cedar, amber, vanilla and sandalwood.
  • Naomi Campbell Cat Deluxe Silver: This fragrance from Naomi Campbell was created in 2006. The unusual combination of aromas is perfect for modern women who want to emphasise their multifaceted character. Spicy cardamom combines with freesia in the top note, which introduces a bouquet of floral tones such as violet and peony. Warm amber and various woods make the fragrance from Naomi thrum earthily.
  • Naomi Campbell Prêt à Porter: This eau de parfum by Naomi Campbell enchants with its refined blend of oriental tartness with sweet floral and spicy notes. The juicy top note invigorates with bergamot, blueberries and pears. This fruity combination is perfectly integrated into the heart note, in which peonies, violets and roses set the tone. The velvety-soft blend of panacotta, peaches and vanilla brings this fragrance to a close.

All Naomi Campbell fragrances are prime examples of a star's fragrance line that are hard to beat in terms of popularity – Naomi's perfumes are popular classics.

Naomi Campbell perfume: Unique and multifaceted

Unlike some luxury brands, Naomi Campbell allows herself the freedom to take different paths with perfume. The former model has worked with various designers at Procter & Gamble in the development of the different fragrances. That's why the individual Naomi perfumes are very different.

The individuality of Naomi’s perfumes reflect the personality of their namesake. She has asserted herself with self-confidence and put racism in its place many times. In 1988, she appeared as the first black woman on the cover of French Vogue.