Narciso Rodriguez

A New York designer with Cuban heritage.
A unique style, characterised by three influences: American, European, and Latin American. A completely personal vision of timeless elegance, providing classicism with new modernity. Values at the heart of his fashion that are reflected in each of his perfumes.

"I like to interpret the classic in a modern way" Narciso Rodriguez

His inspiration

A city: New York.
A benchmark: the architecture.
A passion: photography.
A calling: elegance.

His sources of inspiration for the unique “Narciso style".

His fashion

His fashion is elegant, classically modern, clear, linear, and timeless.
His style is based on three main influences.

The rules of American “Ready to Wear” fashion.
The tradition of European haute couture.
The sensuality of his Latin American culture.

His values

His values: precision, clarity, and sensuality.
These values are part of his fashion and his fragrances.
Narciso Rodriguez is a brand, a vision.
A timeless brand that lives on through a man, his personality, and his passion.