Nordic Collection by OPI

Mesmerisingly beautiful make-up for your nails is now available from OPI Collections. The qua… Learn more

Nordic Collection OPI Collections by OPI

Mesmerisingly beautiful make-up for your nails is now available from OPI Collections. The quality manufacturer OPI has once again hit the spot with its Nordic Collection. The unique diversity of colour associated with the wonderfully beautiful natural phenomena of Scandinavia has been incorporated into the latest collection here. The breath-taking shimmer of the world famous aurora borealis in Finland, the deep blue fjords in Norway and the distinctive colourful houses in Denmark’s capital, Copenhagen - the spectrum of colours is truly representative of the beauty of these Northern countries. OPI Collections will captivate you here with a choice of make-up products for your nails that could not be any more beautiful or colourful if they tried. The Nordic Collection can be combined in a whole range of different ways, allowing you to skilfully add the perfect touch to any outfit.

Cult colours for your nails

The following is no longer a closely-kept secret: colours do indeed affect your mood and are able to effectively accentuate an individual’s radiance. A smart make-up look for your nails is no exception to this. OPI gives you the opportunity here to express your mood at any time of the day and enjoy an all-round smart external appearance too. The shimmering colours of the Nordic Collection are the perfect match for your daytime outfit, just as they are for a glamorous evening look too. There are also a number of practical Mini Sets with several shades available, which can be applied when you are on the go and combined in a diverse manner too. Another benefit of the cult nail lacquer by OPI is its high-quality texture: given that it is quick and really easy to apply, you will be able to master your nail care requirements in an instant. Quick drying also makes it easy to apply several layers. Treat yourself to the magic of Scandinavia with the exclusive shades in the OPI Collections!