Scalp Relief Women by Redken

The Scalp Relief Series from the House of Redken not only offers pleasant essences for the hair, it also primarily nurtures very sensitive and damaged hair. If the scalp is flaky, oily or very sensitive, the product spectrum offers quick relief. The hair cosmetic line is subdivided into a mild cleanser, which efficiently combats dandruff, a high-quality shampoo for very sensitive scalps and a mild shampoo for oily scalps. Thus, the hair care for women can literally be employed "at the roots", namely on the scalp itself.

Very tolerable care products for the scalp

All products in the Scalp Relief Series by Redken are based on scientific research and the long-standing experience that globally distinguishes the renowned brand. The professional products set new benchmarks for hair and scalp care, can be used daily and offer a successful therapy against oily, flaky or sensitive scalps. Instead of relying on extensive, expensive products or onsite help from the expert, the Redken products allow you to start nurturing your hair at home and very soon benefit from a healthy scalp.