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Supreme Illuminator by SENSAI

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Description by Foundations Supreme Illuminator by SENSAI

SENSAI Supreme Illuminator is a highlighter foundation that creates attractive shimmering light accents on every face. It captivates with its velvety soft powder texture. Make-up and foundations from SENSAI enhance the complexion by reliably concealing small blemishes and pigmentation spots. At the same time, they accentuate a person’s best features.

Make-up and foundations for demanding skin

The Supreme Illuminator brings out the best of every skin type. Tired or pale skin is clearly revitalised and mature skin is given a youthful radiance. Highlighter Foundations leave a shimmering finish that makes fine lines disappear. Make-up products from SENSAI can be applied with the fingertips or a cosmetic brush. Do you love subtle highlights? Then you should apply the Illuminator under your make-up. For contouring and accentuating, however, use the Illuminator over make-up. First put the Supreme Illuminator on the cheekbones, the bridge of the nose and chin. Then you can blend the highlighter foundations to make your whole face glow.

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