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Phyto-Lip Gloss by Sisley


No. 01 Nude / 6 ml


No. 02 Beige Rose / 6 ml


No. 03 Rose / 6 ml


No. 04 Fuchsia / 6 ml


No. 05 Bois de Rose / 6 ml


No. 06 Rouge / 6 ml


No. 07 Brun / 6 ml


No. 08 Pink / 6 ml


No. 09 Plum / 6 ml

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Description by Lips Phyto-Lip Gloss by Sisley

Sisley’s expertise with regard to care in a beneficial formula with high content of active ingredients for radiantly beautiful, plump lips. A gloss collection with a smoothing effect for a fantastic shine. A palette of natural, bright colours for a radiantly beautiful smile. Make-up with a caring effect A true care product to hydrate, repair and smooth the lips. The building formula protects, calms and repairs damage caused by external influences. High shine and “3D effect” Unique shine and optimum light reflection for an extraordinary “3D effect”. The lips are visibly hydrated, smoothed and appear significantly more plump. Remarkable texture Remarkably sensual, can hardly be felt on the lips and not sticky. Coats the lips with a high sense of well-being and encloses them in silkiness like a subtle cocoon. Delicate fragrance of refreshing mint and tea leaves.

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Contents by Lips Phyto-Lip Gloss by Sisley

Padina pavonica extract: promotes the synthesis of hyaluronic acid within the skin for a natural plumping effect (in vitro test)
Shea butter: nourishes, soothes, repairs, softens and protects
Kokum butter: comforts and softens, nourishes and repairs
Sunflower oil: nourishes and softens lips
Colza oil: softens and comforts
Vitamin E: anti-free radicals

Use by Lips Phyto-Lip Gloss by Sisley

Uncomplicated application, even without a mirror, thanks to the special brush and the remarkably slippery texture. Phyto-Lip Gloss gives the lips a powerful and radiant colour. Can also be used after applying a Sisley contour stick or lipstick to intensify the colour and make it radiate.

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