St. Tropez Tan

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St Tropez self-tanner will give you a sun-kissed glow

You don’t have to sacrifice a flawless tan to protect yourself from the harmful effects of UV rays. The secret lies in St. Tropez Self-Tanner. You can get a beautiful tan without sunbathing thanks to the luxury brand. The tan is even, streak-free and has a light glow effect. At the same time, each product has a pleasant fragrance that reminds you of past holidays and summers gone by.

  • St. Tropez Spray Tan: The St. Tropez tanning sprays are easy to use and simple to apply. A few gentle sprays are all that is needed to enrich the skin with a soft tan. You can build up your tan gradually. A complex blend of natural ingredients simulates sunlight without having to put up with the harmful UV rays. It doesn’t take long for the effect to become noticeable, and the skin takes on a radiantly beautiful tan and a fabulous glow.
  • St. Tropez Self Tan Mousse: If you’re not a fan of spraying on a fake tan, reach for the St. Tropez Self Tan Mousse. This product is ideal for dispensing and applying to different areas of the skin that you want to show off to their best advantage. Thanks to the intelligent tanning formula, it successfully builds up a light to alternatively intense tan. The first results, which look natural and glowing, are visible after just a few hours.
  • St. Tropez Body Lotion: to achieve an even, flawless tan, your skin must be optimally prepared for the self-tanning process. When the skin is well hydrated, the tanning process is at its best. There are products for this, too. St Tropez Body Lotion, for example, is ideal for moisturising the body. This makes it possible to apply the St. Tropez Self-Tanner perfectly to achieve long-lasting results.

Thanks to St. Tropez Self-Tanner, you can control the intensity of your tan and target different areas of your skin. Each product also contains only the finest ingredients, is free of parabens and phthalates, and is not tested on animals. This is something that the cosmetics company takes very seriously.

High-quality fake tans from St. Tropez for every skin type

This well-established high-end company from the United States offers a wide range of products in addition to self-tanning products. They also focus on the needs of the skin, making sure they have the right product for every skin type. Wrapped in attractive packaging, St. Tropez Self-Tanners are instantly recognisable and easy to use. The brand’s goal is clear: To create a skincare range that helps users achieve greater confidence and beautiful skin.

To make this possible, the St. Tropez self-tanners are designed to be easy to use. As a result, applying the self-tanning products to the face and other parts of the body is a breeze. The results are often visible in just a few hours and leave you looking wonderfully nourished and tanned.

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