Summer make-up looks

Look forward to natural shades, delicate dewy effects, surprising colours and lots of scope for creativity

This summer’s make-up trends are both wonderfully natural and excitingly intensive. Light textures and a delicate dewy finish underline your individual type and conjure up an even skin tone. Experimental eyeliner and eyeshadow colours are a must for your make-up collection. Exotic purples, greens and blues are setting the agenda on fashion metropolis catwalks. Perfectly manicured summer hands are sporting brightly coloured nail polishes. We’re showing you 4 make-up looks to make you look absolutely radiant this summer.


Summer make-up basics

In summery temperatures, professionals switch over to light products with creamy textures that allow sun-kissed skin to breathe. You can create the perfect basis for a radiant complexion with a light foundation that balances the skin tone or a moisturising BB cream with integrated LSP. Look your best for summer parties, open-air events and holiday adventures with the right make-up products and professional make-up techniques. Water and sweat-proof products allow you to move freely in the typical summer heat and enjoy the season to the full.


Natural looks with lip gloss

Transparent and tinted lip glosses make an eye-catching statement on hot summer days and they look great with any skin tone. Light and creamy textures cleverly conceal small imperfections and make the lips look fuller.

Premium-quality ingredients – such as jojoba or almond oil and shea or cocoa butter – provide valuable moisture for lips that have been exposed to intensive sunlight, leaving them feeling beautifully soft and smooth.

Lip gloss it best applied with a flexible applicator sponge. Because it doesn’t last as long as lipstick, you can re-apply lip gloss as often as you like. Waterproof lip gloss is great for long-lasting shine during more strenuous outdoor activities.

Colour eyeliner

Eyes are more fun than ever before this summer. Black kohl has some strong competition from colour eyeliners in all kinds of bright nuances. Now you can finally create those on-trend eyes in all the colours of the rainbow.

Most colours harmonise with brown or hazel eyes, while warm colours like gold, copper and peach look fabulous with blue eyes. Complement green eyes with red, orange or violet eye liners. Or use sophisticated blue to add extra depth to the eyes.

The fact that eyeliners have pencil-like tips makes it incredibly easy to play around with line geometries. You can create your own personal summer look, from classic eyeliner to dramatic eyes.

Colour eyeshadow

Eyeshadow in unexpected colours add dramatic effect and highlight the eyes. Whether you prefer pretty romantic or bold and vibrant looks, this summer’s colour palette is perfect for colour combinations and gradations.

Apply the eyeshadow on top of eye base, concealer and powder to help the fine colour nuances last for longer. Cream eyeshadows are easy peasy to apply and perfect for colour blending. Waterproof textures give you a sense of security because they don’t run in hot summer temperatures.

And don’t worry if your eyeshadow runs a little into your crease line. It’s a natural effect - especially when you use pale colour eyeshadows - that makes the eyes look vibrant and natural.

Summer nails

This summer’s good mood nail colours are both extravagant and exciting. Brown, mint, coral, turquoise, rose gold and silver, colourfully combined, plus all the different patterns and nail shapes, provide you with endless creative freedom.

Reflecting eyeshadow and eyeliner trends, the predominant summer manicure colours are cool colours, with a focus on the entire palette of blues. Creamy pastel-coloured nails look beautiful with the very-in-vogue nude look for understated daytime make-up.

French nails in pastel colours with white tips look light and business-like. At the other end of the scale are neon or Barbie pink – perfect for making a big statement at a summer party or open-air event.

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