Nails Make-up by Tana

You can achieve the perfect nail preparation and finish using make-up items from the House of Tana. The care products in the Manoa Cristal range help strengthen and harden your nails and give them wonderful shine too. The institution has consciously decided not to use chemical ingredients in the manufacture of its products so as not to impair the natural growth of your toenails and fingernails. The result is strong and shiny nails in just a single step.

Strengthened, hardened and shiny nails - Manoa Cristal

Given that Tana does not use any chemicals in the manufacture of its products, this means that the care products are also suitable for women with sensitive nails. The Manoa Cristal care range made by this institution contains a Mineral Polishing Powder, a Nail-White Pencil, a Nail Cream and a Quicky and Suede Polisher. The Polishing Powder, which contains natural minerals and crystals, and the Suede Polisher are both available as part of a Set. Even without the use of any varnish, your fingernails and toenails benefit from a fantastic shine when using the innovative products from this German cosmetics institution. The products from the Manoa Cristal care range are suitable for all women who do not wish to go without well cared-for and shiny fingernails and toenails as part of their daily make-up routine.