Lavender Unisex fragrances by Village

The unisex fragrances by Village have impressed people all over the world with their unmistakeable charm. One of the typical perfume-style unisex fragrances made by the brand can be found in the form of the Lavender fragrance range. The fragrance range includes products such as the Body Lotion, Shower Gel, Perfume and Hand & Nail Cream. Regardless which product you pick, all products in the Lavender range have the same unmistakeable aroma that has caused great excitement throughout the world!

A masterful fragrance creation

Anyone who has ever smelt the fragrances made by the brand manufacturer Village will know all about their high-quality character. The bath essences are often enriched with premium olive oil and essential nutrients and nourishing ingredients. The unisex fragrances emphasise individual traits of men and women and will impress you with their excellent versatility. Each perfume is contained in elegant packaging, which already provides a hint as to the premium quality of its contents. Products such as Shower Gel and Bath Salts develop a wonderfully fragrance warmth in the bath water, making you feel really comfortable and creating a pleasant atmosphere. The Lavender range is based on the well-known essences of lavender flower, a product that was already known in ancient times for its exceptionally therapeutic properties.

Quality in all areas

Village is a cosmetic label specialising in care, repair and peeling products. These care product ranges will impress you with their high-quality results that are framed by delicate fragrances. All products are based on a nourishing effect that gives your skin a firm and youthful appearance. The sheer diversity of our range leaves nothing to be desired and will satisfy the very highest demands too. Just in case you were wondering, it is also worth checking out our product repertoire on a regular basis as it is constantly being updated!