Classic Pocket-sized atomiser by sen7

The practical and compact pocket-sized atomiser by Sen7 now allows you to apply your favourite perfume anywhere and at any time. Whether at an evening event, a ball, in leisure-time or in professional life: The simple and compact design of the pocket-sized atomiser allows it to accompany you in every situation in life. The Classic Design gives you an all-rounder in all the popular colours and in every situation.

Classic: An atomiser for every situation in life

The special Sen7 character is also reflected in the company’s product packaging. The flacon has a minimalistic design, thus allowing it to be perfectly integrated in any environment. The case consists of brushed, polished or lacquered steel, thus lending it a masculine and sporty character. Our varied assortment allows the pocket-sized atomiser to be purchased in many different colour tones. These include elegantly colourful designs in white, black, gold and copper.