Color Pocket-sized atomiser by sen7

With the Colour pocket-sized atomiser, Sen7 has created a loyal everyday companion that is distinguished by its unique characteristics. The pocket-sized atomiser is so small that it allows your favourite perfume to accompany you at any time and anywhere. Whether in professional life, in leisure-time or when travelling: The atomiser allows the fragrance to be applied at any time. The Colour Line allows you to quickly and spontaneously refresh your fragrance, thus paying homage to the modern era.

A perfume that combines the aesthetic with the functional

The idea of an atomiser is beneficial to those wanting to refresh their perfume frequently. It can be purchased in every conceivable colour. In addition to green, blue and red, turquoise, purple, pink and gold versions can also be purchased. The metallic and clearly structured flacon design makes it elegant and appealing. The robust and stable workmanship allows the small flacons to be carried very easily in the trouser pocket or handbag.