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Description by Viva la Diva Striplac by Alessandro

The trendy brand, Alessandro, is well-known to quality-aware ladies in these parts primarily for its exquisite care ranges, but the brand manufacturer’s large selection also includes make-up products. For over two decades, the manufacturer has included nail polish in its selection. Here, it’s the Striplac Edition that stands for professional quality and easy removal of the nail without using nail polish remover. With Viva La Diva Striplac, this Edition offers customers the most extravagant polish in the product range, one that is colourful and striking and will awaken the proverbial Diva in you. You can decide yourself, of course, whether this Striplac product is perfectly suited for big occasions of your everyday make-up.

Style fingernails practically with Viva La Diva Striplac

If you want to do away with the classic nail polish look for fear of damaging your skin’s health by using nail polish removers or acetone, then this product range from Alessandro is ideal. Viva La Diva Striplac and every other Striplac product can be removed by peeling it off from the specific nail whilst the fact that it sits firmly on your nail means you can guarantee it won’t fall off on big occasions. Thanks to the variety of colours, Alessandro is sure to offer something for every taste so that you can make your nails centre stage with this practical make-up and take advantage of good-value quality cosmetics in our online range!

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