Complexion Make-up by BABOR

It’s every woman’s dream to have a glowing, flawless complexion. But impurities, damaging environmental influences and a lack of sleep can stop this dream from coming true. But with make-up by BABOR, there’s a lot you can do. BABOR offers make-up for all different skin types. The Haut die Teint Deluxe Foundation, for example, is perfect for normal to slightly oily skin. It covers up blemishes perfectly, ensures an even, radiant complexion, and cares for the skin with valuable ingredients such as lupin oil and vitamin E. BABOR developed for its make-up the Stay-True-Pigments. These guarantee that your foundation stays put the whole day long. For oily and blemished skin, BABOR also has the perfect foundation: the Mattifying Foundation.This mattifies the skin, provides it with valuable moisture, and also contains a lifting complex that protects from environmental influences.

BABOR will make your complexion glow

When it comes to make-up, BABOR is the expert for perfectly coordinated ingredients that will leave every complexion radiant. Whether Camouflage Creme for particularly demanding skin with scars or port-wine stains, foundations with anti-aging effects, or mattifying powders – BABOR can offer the perfect product for every skin type and tone. The natural-looking finish with its quite extraordinary glow will thrill you.