Honey Skin care by Bettina Barty

The Honey line of cosmetics by Bettina Barty offers every type of intensive care for your skin with the natural and wonderfully healing power of honey. For thousands of years, we have been aware of the health-giving effects of honey, not only through its consumption but also through external application to the skin. This foodstuff, produced through a lot of hard work by bees, was recognised very early on as an effective cosmetic and, due to its antibacterial effect, was even used as a medication for certain skin complaints. Bettina Barty has rediscovered these properties and has created a range that will allow you to benefit from the wonderful properties of hones in a perfectly balanced care products.

Velvety soft skin through the power of honey

The Honey care product series by Bettina Barty not only smells deliciously like fresh honey but also combines other caring essences with the power of this natural raw material. The result is a range of products that are easy to use and yet are highly effective. The body lotion from the series will leave your skin feeling velvety soft, provides moisture and also smells wonderfully of sweet honey. To prepare your skin for these all-body cosmetics, it is best to use the cream bath and shower lotion of the series. And for quick hand care throughout the day, there is the cream soap by Bettina Barty, which will protect your hands even as you wash them and will pamper them with the range’s valuable essences and enchanting fragrance.