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Diesel perfume - for people with a strong personality

Diesel and perfume are two words that seem to have little in common. But the Diesel fashion label has been carrying fragrance in its portfolio for several years - with success. The personality of the label's founder, Renzo Rosso, shines through. Rosso named Diesel perfume after his personal motto: Only the Brave. He is so fond of this motto that he had it tattooed on his left ankle.

Diesel eau de toilette and eau de parfum under the microscope

Renzo Rosso has been blazing his trail with the Diesel brand since 1985. Diesel launched the first fashion brand website in 1995. Two years later, Diesel was the first label to have its own online store. So it is a little surprising that the company only entered the world of perfume in 2007 when it launched the Diesel fragrance for men, Only the Brave.

Like every Rosso project, the perfume line was hugely successful from the onset. As with fashion, the distinctive styling of the bottles has helped. Diesel perfume for men features a glass fist, allegedly modelled by Rosso's own hand. Diesel perfume for women, on the other hand, is encased in a heart with many edges that lies on its side. Both designs are instantly recognisable.

The following Diesel perfumes are extremely popular at parfumdreams:

  • Diesel Sound of the Brave: This Diesel Eau de Toilette for men was created for individuals who boldly wear their convictions on their skin. The sophisticated bottle holds a fragrance that is both impressive and provocative with its freshness. Citrus fruits transition into sage and pepper before fading into a blend of amber, patchouli and musk.
  • Diesel Only the Brave: Like the other Diesel fragrances for men, the masculine original has a loyal following in this country. The light blue bottle is a symbol of strength, self-confidence and courage. The complex fusion of a variety of aromas produces an unconventional fragrance with a potent personality. When the top notes of citrus fade, the heart notes of cedar, violet and coriander continue to resonate before fading out with resin, leather and amber.... Our tip: This fragrance makes women’s hearts swoon.
  • Diesel Loverdose: The perfect foil to the label's masculine fragrances, this eau de parfum by Diesel encapsulates feminine passion at its finest. Fresh orange blossom creates the rather delicate prelude, which then leads into rich nuances of hazelnut and cocoa - like a kiss that begins softly and grows stronger. Patchouli and amber create the classic finale, two scents that have fuelled passion in the Orient since time immemorial.

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