Fragrance jewellery Accessories by ERBE

Internationally renowned for the manufacture of scissors, files and other beauty tools, the quality Solingen brand Becker Manicure has expanded its range attractively over the decades. The fragrance jewellery from the FLO Accessories product line is the perfect choice for those who know the quality of the company and like to apply perfume in a particularly modern way. Easily pour your favourite perfumes into the elegant pieces of jewellery from Becker Manicure, which gently release the special aromas. With a fondness for high-quality fragrances from renowned brands from our Online Shop, the fragrance jewellery from the popular manufacturer is always worth a look.

Wear perfume on your body in an attractive way

Most designs of the fragrance the FLO Accessories range can be bought as a two-part set. This includes an attractive trinket in the shape of a cylinder or heart, for example, which can be filled with your favourite fragrance. Most sets also feature a handy pocket atomiser, which enables precise filling with your favourite perfume. The fragrance jewellery has a timeless, sophisticated design, and could well become the choice of all generations of women. Even though Becker Manicure does not offer any fragrances of its own as a complement to its cosmetic accessories,the company enriches the application of your favourite perfume in this way.

Order accessories and beauty tools at a great price

Besides the fragrance jewellery from the FLO Accessories range by Becker Manicure, many women also use cosmetics to achieve the perfect look. These are also offered in the form of many quality products by the brand; numerous products can be discovered in our range. To complement fragrance accessories from Becker Manicure, get cosmetic scissors, files and other tools that guarantee an attractive appearance. One glance in our shop quickly reveals that the company’s fragrance products and tools are waiting for you at an exceptionally great price and can be ordered over the Internet!