Atomiser BB by ERBE

Carrying perfume or eau de toilette with you when travelling places special demands on the bottle. While many bottles are primarily intended to be placed on your dressing table or bathroom cabinet, an atomiser from the BB product range by Becker Manicure is the perfect companion on all occasions. With their sleek design and metallic look, every BB atomiser makes an elegant impression and fits comfortably into every handbag. All of the varieties available are refillable and allow women to always carry their favourite fragrance with them.

Easily carry exquisite fragrances with you with Becker Manicure

The atomisers from Becker Manicure are intentionally small so that they take up little room in even the smallest bags and become your companion when going to the theatre or a gala dinner. As the international brand does not create any fragrances itself, the practical companions are intended for all of your favourite perfumes from other manufacturers and, with their intelligent opening, can be easily refilled. The manufacturer’s BB product line includes other accessories for cosmetics and aesthetics; our range features all of these at particularly great value, from cosmetic mirrors to ring holders!