Elie Saab - Le Parfum - Body Lotion Elie Saab - Le Parfum - Body Lotion

Le Parfum
Body Lotion by Elie Saab

200 ml

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Description by Le Parfum Body Lotion by Elie Saab

The Body Lotion by Elie Saab radiates the same scent as the perfumes from the Le Parfum range. High quality ingredients, which have a moisturising effect and help the skin cells gain new strength, make the body lotion an important companion all year round. In the spring, the lotion exudes pleasant springtime scents; in the winter the skin is effectively protected from dehydration. The lotion comes in a cream-coloured 200ml tube with a cap.

Wellness for the skin – always and everywhere

. The Elie Saab Body Lotion from the Le Parfum range can be applied in just a few seconds and, thanks to the high quality composition, does not leave a film on the skin, but is immediately absorbed and distributes the ingredients to pores and skin cells. The women’s fragrance evokes memories of blossoming flower fields on sunny, cloudless days and can be worn for every occasion. The subtle scent also easily blends with the clothing.

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