Via Verri Unisex fragrances by Etro

The Via Verri Series by Etro was created in 2010 and exudes an electrifying, pulsating and vitalising fragrance, which is perfect for both men and women. The light perfume is perfect for everyday life, but also has enough sharp edges to attract interest and adventure in the evening. The fragrance is reminiscent of the sun-bathed district of Milan in spring and abducts you into a new, exciting world where secrets and adventure are just a few metres away.

Unisex fragrances with Italian flair and a sense of adventure

The overture to the exciting Etro Via Verri Line is made in the top note with tangy bergamot, white pepper and a bouquet of jasmine. The heart note is composed of a very softly seeming rose that is contrasted with iris and cardamom, until rare amber, warm musk and cypress are ultimately used in the base. The creation thus exudes typical Italian flair and is reminiscent of beautiful moments in life that you were able to share with good friends, your partner or your family.