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Fillable pocket-sized atomisers

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Shop perfume atomiser spray bottles online: your favourite fragrance always in your pocket

Perfume atomiser spray bottles have proved themselves to be the perfect companions for everyday use, work and travelling. The practical pocket atomiser spray bottles are compact, bang up to date and always with you. They are easy to refill and always deliver the perfect amount of your favourite perfume when you are out and about.

Perfume atomiser spray bottles: what these little accessories can do

Carrying around whole perfume bottles is not an option for most women. Because perfume bottles made of glass are hard to manage and heavy. Plus, there is a danger of them breaking. Refillable perfume atomiser spray bottlesare a sensible choice for the handbag. They offer many advantages:

  • They are outstandingly easy to transport and, depending on the size, fit in most handbags – or even in a trouser pocket.
  • Playful details make them eye-catching.
  • They are easy to clean.
  • Perfume bottles for the handbag are unbreakable.
  • The small sizes even make them suitable for carrying in your hand luggage when flying.

With the affordable perfume atomiser spray bottles from the parfumdreams online shop fragrance lovers are always well-equipped: Your favourite perfume is always close to hand and can be spritzed in just the right amount with the atomiser. Thanks to the compact size, you can take several fragrances with you at the same time – the perfect solution for travelling.

Refillable perfume atomiser spray bottle: it works so simply

Pocket atomiser spray bottles are small perfume bottles that can be refilled easily. There is a small opening on the bottom of the bottle. Often, no accessories are required for refilling. Remove the atomiser from the big perfume bottle so you can see the tube. Simply place it on the filling opening and pump the perfume into the new container. For some bottles, you need a mini funnel or a perfume diffuser pump.

Shopping for pocket atomiser spray bottles: the most important selection criteria

The first impression plays a significant role. This compact helper should go with your wardrobe and emphasise your personal look. And there are many other factors to consider when selecting refillable perfume bottles:

  • Capacity: “The smaller, the better” is not always true. But every size has its raison d’être, be it for the trouser pocket, the handbag, the office drawer or the suitcase.
  • Dimensions: Like the capacity, the dimensions also vary. There are super flat designs that are not too bulky for the trouser pocket.
  • Colours: atomiser spray bottles come in many colours. Once you find the right type of bottle for you, you can emphasise your wardrobe with matching colours.
  • Simplicity: How easy is it to refill the pocket atomiser spray bottle with perfume? The simpler it is, the more time you save and the fewer accessories are required. Plus, there is less danger of the valuable fragrance spilling.
  • Weight: Despite the compact dimensions, the weight plays a role. You need to find the right balance between a good price, the perfect finish and product quality.
  • Spray result: The finer the mist, the more accurate you can be when spraying the perfume.
  • Functionality: The refillable perfume atomiser spray bottles differ in how the spray head is released. For example, there is one with a twist mechanism comparable to a lipstick or removable caps.

Pocket atomiser spray bottles also come in glass as well as metal. The glass version is less suitable for travelling due to the danger of breakage but can be kept at the office or in the car. Perfume atomiser spray bottles made of metal are often composed of robust yet lightweight aluminium. The combination of a perfume bottle made of glass and a shatterproof outer shell made of aluminium is popular.

Order refillable perfume atomiser spray bottles online: wide selection at parfumdreams

At parfumdreams, you can choose from a large number of refillable perfume bottles from popular manufacturers – and at great prices. There are many different versions to choose from: from slim silhouettes to elegant bottles made of brushed stainless steel. Order your new perfume bottles online now, benefit from fast delivery and have your favourite fragrances with you all the time from now on.

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