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Eyebrow Powder by GUERLAIN


Ecrin Sourcils Eyebrow Kit / 4 g

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Description by Eyes Eyebrow Powder by GUERLAIN

The Eyebrow Powder Kit from Guerlain Paris ensures a radiantly beautiful and thrillingly defined eye area. The eyebrow powder styles, structures, and defines the brows with a total of three different powders, one double applicator, and one highlighter. The make-up is excellent for creating an individual and very natural look; the individual shades (medium, dark, and light) can be used on their own or together to create the ideal colour for your individual complexion and look. This gives the eyes a particularly accurate, skilful look.

For more facial expression

The shades from the Eyebrow Powder Kit can be applied either dry or wet. The make-up for the eyebrows is applied directly underneath to achieve an exciting eye-catching effect with the pearly highlighter. In just one set, Guerlain Paris provides extensive help with creating an individual, impressive look that frames the face and eyes.

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