GUERLAIN - Super Aqua  - Sérum Light GUERLAIN - Super Aqua  - Sérum Light

Super Aqua
Sérum Light by GUERLAIN

50 ml

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Description by Super Aqua Sérum Light by GUERLAIN

GUERLAIN’s Super Aqua moisturiser is almost considered legendary, as it offers numerous positive effects. The facial care also stands out as Sérum Light with its rich moisture, thus killing several birds with one stone: It protects the skin from dehydration, pads out small wrinkles and lends the skin a smooth, firm feeling.

Perfectly conditioned, smooth and fresh

The Sérum Light is suitable for daily use in the morning or evening – or both. The best way to prepare your skin for facial care is to remove oil and make-up residues in advance with a cleansing lotion. The Super Aqua moisturiser can then take effect afterwards. Look forward to a feeling of freshness and firm, youthful-looking skin. Wrinkles will hopefully no longer be an issue after regular use, because the GUERLAIN complex protects against the skin from drying out in future. Among other ingredients, Sérum Light contains hyaluronic acid, which is a proven moisturiser. In addition, there are active herbal ingredients from which your skin texture can benefit. Use the product as facial care and, if necessary, extend the application to the neck and décolleté. Give your skin the moisture it needs.

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