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Stones Foam Shampoo by Glynt

200 ml

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Description by Mangala Stones Foam Shampoo by Glynt

Professional hair care for grey hair: The Glynt Mangala Stones Foam Shampoo has been specially designed for the needs of grey hair. The nourishing shampoo contains slate grey pigments which give white and light grey hair a darker shade. It cleanses the hair in a particularly mild way and is suitable for every hair type. Lather up a mandarin-sized amount of the shampoo in the hair, leave to work for three or four minutes and rinse off thoroughly. You can create a more intense shade effect by shampooing the hair a second time.

Glynt Mangala products for professional colour enhancement

The Glynt Mangala range offers the ideal products for fresh colours and shiny hair. No matter whether you want to enhance your natural hair colour or dyed/tinted hair, the colour treatments and hair care products will revitalise your hair colour and enhance its shine. The Stones Foam Shampoo is no exception. Naturally grey hair requires special care as the hair often feels rough and turns brittle. Dyed/tinted hair is extremely stressed by environmental influences and may soon lose its brilliant shine. The shampoo strengthens the hair with its nourishing ingredients, makes it softer and easier to style.

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