Marvis Skin care

Marvis is a tooth cream coming from Florence, Italy, which has a bleaching recipe, which not only thoroughly cleanses teeth, but also lightens them somewhat. The products have been enriched with citric acid and fluorine in order to efficiently protect teeth from tartar and caries. Thanks to the legendary peppermint aroma, fragrant and refreshing dental hygiene is guaranteed, just like effective dental care - even for sensitive teeth. The yielding tooth cream comes in tubes with classic and creative designs, which can differ both in their aroma as well as their size and formula.

The classic from Italy

Despite its bleaching recipe, the tooth cream is gentle on tooth enamel, which is not degraded with the cream and which can protect teeth in a natural way. The intense taste of the tooth cream has a refreshing and revitalising effect, which is perfect for the morning and the evening. The succinctly designed sealing cap allows excellent dosing and also functions as an eye-catcher in the bathroom. The Florentine tooth cream is a must-have for all those, who value effective and pleasant tooth care.