Beard combs & beard brushes

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Beard brushes and beard combs – the best tools for taming your beard

In order to keep your beard looking smart and perfectly styled, you'll not only need the right care products but also the right tools. Among these indispensable tools are beard brushes and beard combs, which will tame any moustache or full beard. They quickly and gently detangle the hair, while also caring for the hair structure.

Beard comb or beard brush – which one do you really need for your beard

Brushes and combs have different functions. A beard comb is suitable for detangling, combing and styling the hair of the beard. A beard brush helps to straighten out and clean the beard. You can also use it to work special beard oil into the beard.

Beard combs for styling and detangling the beard

Flat beard combs with evenly spaced teeth are suitable for smooth styles. They glide gently through the hair. Fine teeth ensure that dust and other bits of dirt can be easily combed out. If your hair is curly or you have a thick, full beard, you will need a comb with robust, thick teeth. This will ensure a pain-free comb. Use a beard comb:

  • for longer, full beards
  • as a styling tool to shape the hair of the beard
  • to detangle the hair
  • to apply beard pomade or beard wax
  • to comb the hair into shape when trimming

To ensure the tool is easy to hold, many combs have a handle or a wide, flat edge. As beard hair is more stubborn and firm than the hair on your head, these combs are more robust and flexible than regular combs.

Beard brushes to care for your beard

Most beard brushes come with flexible bristles in different lengths. These bristles are spaced close together and attached to the handpiece. They can reach deep into the beard. The size of brush will depend on the size of your beard.

Men with long, full beards should go for larger brushes as they cover a greater area. Small brushes are suitable for short beards. Thanks to their compact size, they will fit comfortably into your hand luggage. Brushes for large moustaches come with a long handle so that they fit nicely in your hand as you comb your hair.

With the help of these tools, you can work in a nourishing beard oil or stimulate the skin's sebum production thanks to the gentle massaging effect of the bristles. This produces a natural oil that makes the beard soft and smooth, and stops the hair from becoming dry. At the same time, you can loosen little lugs and put unruly strands in place.

What should you look for when buying a beard comb or beard brush?

When buying one of these tools, you should consider the purpose and the material. Beard combs come in a variety of forms. There are combs made of:

  • wood
  • horn
  • plastic
  • rubber
  • metal

Combs made of horn, rubber and wood are high quality. They don't create static on the hair and protect it from breakage. They are also excellent for applying pomade.

The best beard brushes are ones with natural boar hair bristles. These are robust enough to loosen dead skin cells, remove loose hairs and evenly distribute beard oil. You can comb your beard thoroughly without irritating sensitive facial skin. When it comes to brushes with synthetic bristles, the quality is determined by high-quality workmanship. They are a great alternative for vegan beard-wearers.