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Shop straight razors and go with the trend

Straight razors are the oldest shaving tool of all and are bang on trend once again. A good straight razor will last for years and can even be passed down. If you want to buy a straight razor, this can be a purchase for life. Many straight razors are somewhat spendy and before you dive in you should get to know the special features of straight razors and why it is worth investing a little more money in them.

What is the difference between a straight razor and a multi-blade razor?

With a straight razor, you shave your skin with a naked blade. There is no protective foil, edging or a spot provided for the blades to protect you from cuts. This also makes shaving with a straight razor so challenging. One false move and you’ve cut your face. With a multi-blade razor, you are much less likely to hurt yourself and it is the more comfortable version. You have to keep buying blades though and this creates a lot of waste.

How do you shave with a straight razor?

Shaving with a straight razor requires a lot of skill and you should practice first. You can use a balloon to try out the correct angle for the blade stroke. Only when the balloon doesn’t burst do you know that you have got the right angle. You can also watch online videos, which will give you good instructions on how exactly you should hold the straight razor. This is how it’s done:

  • The angle at which you hold the straight razor on the skin should be very flat (around 30°).
  • You should not use any firm pressure.
  • If you are shaving for the first time with a straight razor, you should shave in the direction of your beard’s growth.
  • When you have got the hang of it, you can shave in the opposite direction to your beard’s growth.
  • If your skin is especially sensitive, you can also move the blade sideways.

How can you recognise a good straight razor?

A good straight razor has a carbon steel blade. This is not rust-resistant, so your straight razor needs some looking after. Carbon steel is very hard, which makes the blade extremely long-lasting. A hollow-ground blade is usual, which provides a really close shave.

What you should look out for when buying a straight razor

If you buy a straight razor, you have a choice between a round point blade and a square point blade. A square point blade is great for precise edging, though the risk of hurting yourself on the square edges is exceptionally high. A round point blade is the better choice, especially for straight razor novices.

A further choice you have to make is to do with the width of the blade. The width of the space between your upper lip and nose is critical as far as this is concerned. You have to have sufficient space in this spot to position the blade. If the distance is narrow, then you should go for a narrow blade.

There are straight razors with a handle made of wood, metal, horn or plastic. Choose a version that feels comfortable to hold.

How to care for your straight razor

With straight razors, it is important that you clean them thoroughly after shaving so that they do not rust. You should leave them open with the blade folded out for at least 24 hours. It is also best not to clean straight razors under running water but to use a cloth. To lengthen the life of the blade, after use you can rub in a little baby oil.

Get your straight razor honed

If you notice that after a while the blade of a straight razor has become slightly blunt, it is easy to sharpen it. This can either be done with a knife grinder or you can take it to a professional for honing if you want to ensure a perfect result. As the blade can be honed over and over again, you have a sustainable and long-lasting product, which you can continue to enjoy in ten or twenty years, if you look after it.