Mouth hygiene Skin care by Swissdent

An important appointment, the first date or a decisive meeting - yellowed teeth are out of place here and make lots of people insecure in public situations. However, Swissdent has developed the right care products for oral hygiene. Based on biological active agents, Swissdent offers a mouthwash for daily freshness and white teeth.

Fresh breath, radiant smile

Too much coffee, fast food or smoking always leaves behind a stale taste in the mouth, as well as additional bacteria that discolour the teeth. However, the mouthwash restores the natural colour of your teeth after every use. The composition of enzymes and abrasives results in a bleaching effect that gently reveals the teeth’s whiteness again. Daily teeth-brushing alone cannot achieve the same effect. Retrieve your smile and radiantly face up to the future with white teeth.