College Sport Man Men's fragrances by Tom Tailor

The College Sport Man men’s perfume from the Tom Tailor brand is from the New Fragrances range. New Fragrances from the Tom Tailor brand are distinguished by their innovation and modern essences. The men’s perfume will amaze with its strong and intense aromas which spread themselves over your whole body in a matter of seconds after the very first spritz. The long-lasting fragrance can be worn in any situation: no matter if at festive events, during your free time or at work. With this fragrance, the modern man can highlight his masculine side and at the same time comes across as a stylish gentleman.

A masculine everyday companion

Amaze people in loads of different aspects with the College Sport Man men’s perfume from the Tom Tailor brand. The stylishly designed flaçon hints at its high-quality contents. Thanks to the sleek design, the flaçon can fit into any bathroom without issue. It will also accompany you in your suitcase or sports bag just as well. The perfume is distinguished by an extreme fresh kick: just what you need after physical exercise or stressful situations. Let yourself be surrounded by an olfactory fragrance composition and benefit from an aromatic masterpiece that will dazzle your senses!

New Fragrances for the modern man

With the scent of College Sport Man, you can enjoy a youthful and sporty aroma. The fragrance’s prelude is built on cardamom, lime, orange and mandarin. Meanwhile, light hints of ylang ylang, viola and jasmine seep through again and again. With patchouli, leather and cypress, an ever-changing character is created which means the fragrance will never get boring. Surround yourself in a masterful fragrance creation and dive into an aura of style and masculine elegance.