sen7 - Color - sen7 Metallic Green sen7 - Color - sen7 Metallic Green

sen7 Metallic Green by sen7

with funnel / 5,80 ml

with funnel / 5,80 ml

5,80 ml

5,80 ml

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Description by Color sen7 Metallic Green by sen7

The pocket-sized atomisers by the Sen7 brand allow you to benefit from a tried-and-trusted everyday helper. The atomisers in the Colour Line can be selected according to individual preference. The unisex product can be ordered according to your personal preferences and according to your favourite colours. The only thing left to do then is to fill it with your favourite perfume. This can be funnelled in through a small opening that fills the receptacle with the perfume in just a few seconds.

A practical helper by Sen7

Those who have already used the Sen7 pocket-sized atomiser at least once are aware of its practicability. It’s never been so uncomplicated to carry your favourite fragrance around with you. As the Colour Product Line offers a maximum variety of choice, the atomiser also makes an optimal gift. The rubberised surface makes the atomiser soft and pleasant to the touch and allows it to be accommodated in the trouser pocket with no problem.

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