The products of the new ZZ series by ANNEMARIE BÖRLIND contain active ingredients that are combined optimally for young skin or even skin that could use some regeneration. With sensitive skin, you will often see an oversensitivity towards environmental factors or ingredients in cosmetics. When the skin displays this sort of reaction, the natural skin flora and the acid mantle of the skin has been destroyed. The invisible ecosystem of the skin is not working as it should and the skin reacts with sensitivity. Through new discoveries and developments in active ingredients, the natural protective layer of the skin can be strengthened with the products in this range. Especially in the case of sensitive skin, the resilience can be rebuilt and the skin’s flora can win back balance. The structure of the skin will be more even and the skin will not react with as much sensitivity.

This new ZZ Sensitive Series from ANNEMARIE BÖRLIND regulates the skin’s own protection with an innovative active complex of pre- and probiotics, which restores balance to the skin flora. Great care is taken that no ingredients are used in the production of these products, which might cause the skin to react. This means that they contain no fragrance, colour or preservatives. These products, which can all be combined optimally, soothe the skin, protect it and regenerate it.