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Eye Make-Up Remover by ARTDECO

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Description by Cleansing products Eye Make-Up Remover by ARTDECO

So you have beautifully accentuated eyes with wonderful charisma during the day and pure, nourished and relieved skin at night. The latter is ensured by the premium Eye Make-Up Remover by Artdeco, which removes make-up applied to your eye area in a safe and residue-free manner without irritating very sensitive and demanding skin. Just like other similar cleansing products, this cleanser by Artdeco works in combination with cotton pads. All you have to do is moisten the pad with the cleansing product and then press gently on your eye or eye area. By pressing lightly and making a gentle rubbing motion, your make-up is then gently removed without causing any irritation or redness.

Perfect for sensitive skin in your eye area

The Eye-Make-Up Remover is very gentle and delicate thanks to panthenol and cornflower extract. This particular function in and around the eye is a key factor that should in any case be fulfilled by a premium cleansing product. This is due to two specific reasons; firstly, there is always the chance that the essences or their fragrances get into your eyes, whereas on the other hand the skin in your eye area is extremely thin, which is why it is automatically susceptible to irritation and sensitivity. Premium cleansing products always rely on a gentle formula that causes as little irritation as possible and provides intensive care to the eye area where necessary at the same time. These features are also evident in this high-quality cosmetic product by Artdeco.

Removing make-up from your pores without any residue

The Eye Make-Up Remover is able to remove even stubborn traces of make-up from your eye-area. This means that the pores in your skin are able to breathe easily, re-generate and not clog up, which could otherwise lead to inflammation and irritation. Another benefit is that the gentle formula prepares your skin perfectly for the application of additional cosmetic products, such as an anti-ageing eye cream or simply a moisturising cream specially designed for the eye area - this means therefore that cleansing is a fixed part of your skin care routine.

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