Académie Skin care

No two skins are the same and no skin ever stays the same. Environmental factors, age-related developments and our inner equilibrium all affect the appearance of our skin and govern how we feel in it. To provide the ideal care for all conditions affecting the skin, in 1926 the pharmacist, Georges Gay, started to design cosmetic products and treatment methods that could be combined for maximum benefit. For over 80 years, the science of dermatology has been central to the development work conducted at Académie. The result is eight skincare lines that are available for use at home or by beauticians as part of personalised treatments provided at institutes, salons and health spas. In France, Académie is one of the brands administered at beauty therapy institutes. Several thousand beauticians and institutes in Germany also rely on these highly effective products and matching special treatments adapted to achieve the best effect. The hypoallergenic cream, which is used to give the complexion a more unblemished and radiant appearance, is included as basic skincare in these treatments. It is suitable for irritable and sensitive skin types of all ages.