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Women’s beauty has been JUVENA’s passion for more than 50 years. Throughout the company’s history, i… Learn more
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Juvena Fragrances, Face and Skin care

Women’s beauty has been JUVENA’s passion for more than 50 years. Throughout the company’s history, intensive research has repeatedly led to pioneering innovations. During the course of the company’s 50-year history, Juvena has always pursued the aim of producing innovative products that contain premium quality and highly effective ingredients. Juvena of Switzerland has managed to achieve the aim of building up a sophisticated client base with carefully balanced and efficient products by way of its outstanding research work. This pillar of research not ensures a high standard of quality, but is also a guarantee for ever more new innovations: indeed, the company was one of the very first brands in the 1960s to integrate a light protection filter into its Day Cream. These revolutionary new developments are not just rewarded in the form of consumer trust; they are also rewarded in the form of the numerous prizes and product honours received.
Did you know?
Juvena is a brand from Switzerland. It was founded in 1954 and has been devoted to anti-ageing care from the very start. The company uses findings from scientific research, incorporates these into its own product range, and, together with dermatologists, tests them in advance. This process and previous pioneering work have resulted in effective anti-ageing products that aren’t just able to tackle skin ageing but prevent it too. The name comes from the Latin word “juvenalis”, which means “youthfulness”. A perfect name for a well-balanced product range.

Anti-ageing cosmetics for men and women

The skin care products from the brand Juvena can be used by both men and women. The range Juvena Miracle Boost Essence, among others, is largely very popular. This essential skin care range hydrates the skin and activates the natural regeneration of the skin cells. In this way, the skin is treated in the short term, while the Juvena Miracle Boost Essence products still strengthen it in the long term. The short-term regeneration boost is particularly suitable for skin that feels very irritated or is already showing the first signs of fatigue.

Swiss care with flair

One of the company’s true masterpieces is the Juvena Master Cream. This master of creams uses cutting-edge findings from anti-ageing research and nourishes the skin day and night. The formula supports stem cell activity and thus helps to generate new, fresh skin. The Juvena Master Cream is a luxurious, high-end anti-ageing skin care product.