Alessandro - Nail Spa - Multi-function Nail Polish Alessandro - Nail Spa - Multi-function Nail Polish

Nail Spa
Multi-function Nail Polish by Alessandro

10 ml

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Description by Nail Spa Multi-function Nail Polish by Alessandro

Alessandro’s Nailspa range has given rise to this all-rounder

The multi-function nail polish from the Nailspa range make nail cosmetics really quite easy. This is because this little bottle allows you not only to work like the professionals do, but to also save loads of time, space and, not least of all, money. Also, this multi-function nail polish is a special high-gloss nail polish that can offer up 9 special features. The polish can either be applied directly to the natural nail or on top of another thoroughly dried layer of nail polish. But these are not the characteristics that make the Nailspa nail polish quite so special. Alessandro has given this multi-function nail polish the ability to act as a base coat, top coat, nail hardener, clear polish, coating seal, anti-discolouration agent, top gloss, quick drying polish and UV protection polish. So the nail polish is worthy of its name and can be added to the long list of innovative solutions for nail cosmetics created by Alessandro. But don’t take our word for it, try it out for yourself. Work like the pros and marvel at the product.

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