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Nail Spa
Pro White French by Alessandro

10 ml

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Description by Nail Spa Pro White French by Alessandro

Healthy and attractive fingernails are the dream of every woman who purchases additional care products for sensitive nails from Alessandro’s Nailspa range. Any fans of real French nails looking to combine these with a dazzlingly white base should check out Alessandro’s Pro White French. This cosmetic helps to improve every fingernail from the base up and to care for them so that applying nail polish or achieving other natural looks is especially easy.

Complement every type of nail with the perfect cosmetics product from Alessandro

Choosing Pro White French is the perfect decision for women with normal but equally chipped nails who want to help their hands rediscover their healthy and natural appearance. By purchasing other products from the Nailspa range, these women are getting other improvements to help them be able to apply other nail polishes and cosmetics from the brand manufacturer. Our selection offers you Pro White French and other Nailspa products at an affordable price!

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