American Crew - Curl & Boost - Boost Cream American Crew - Curl & Boost - Boost Cream
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Description by Curl & Boost Boost Cream by American Crew

American Crew makes men presentable. The body and hair cosmetic products of the label are exclusively dedicated to the stronger sex. The modern and high-quality product lines are used by men’s hairdressers around the globe. For instance, stylists reach for Boost Cream Curl & Boost, to carve out expressive curls.

Hair cosmetics for putting the finishing touch to masculine curls

The Boost Cream cares for the hair while ensuring a corresponding shine at the same time. The special Curl & Boost formula gives the styling a defined volume, with a wild yet not chaotic appearance. The American Crew product is worked into towel-dried hair. Optimal for the healthy hair structure is drying in the air combined with a shampoo of the renowned manufacturer of men’s cosmetics.

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