Midnight Flower Collection Room fragrances by Amouage

Just as a high-quality perfume can highlight the individuality of its wearer, a fine room fragrance can also influence the atmosphere of a room and bestow it with a hint of sensuousness and luxury. With the

Midnight Flower Collection, Amouage

has created a collection of scented candles and room sprays that create atmosphere. Even the names of the fragrances suggest the tone: Smile, Happy, Love and Hope are the names of the four fragrance creations, which combine quality perfume ingredients for an enjoyable scented experience.

Serene and a little playful, the Smile room fragrance presents essences of almond, vanilla, musk, raspberry and hawthorn. The Love scented candle arouses romantic senses with rose and patchouli, complemented with fresh notes of orange and grapefruit. The spicy, woody fragrant nuances of Happy, with a warm top note of cinnamon and nutmeg, enriched with rose, plum and almond lift the mood and ensure a happy atmosphere. And Hope, the last of these exclusive room fragrances, combines a heart of rose, violet and ylang-ylang with spics nuances such as pepper, ginger, cardamom and cumin to bring new swing and zest into everyday life.

If you value sensuousness and a touch of luxury when it comes to perfume, the Midnight Flower Collection from Amouage is perfect for you: quality, fine room fragrances that will make every room something special.