Modelant Corps Body care by Ayer

The Ayer body care products have been a guarantee of the greatest quality cosmetics for many years now. The

Ayer Modelant Corps care series

is no exception either. Recent findings in cosmetic research and well-tried findings make the products a unique care experience for the body. The goal is phyto-aromatic care, which avails itself of the healing and regenerating as well as constructive properties of plants, some of which have been used for centuries in beauty care and in medicine.With modern research, thanks to which the effectiveness of the plants can be put to even more effective use, Ayer created cosmetics that gently purify the skin and free it from harmful influences, that gradually improves the complexion and had a positive effect on the bodily contour. The skin’s sensitive fluid balance is also supported by the products in the Modelant Corps care series. A wonderfully silky skin feeling thus results after the very first application and the skin becomes very smooth. The fresh and groomed bodily feeling is also supported by the pleasant odour of the body care products.