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Doctor BABOR Facial care by BABOR

The “Doctor BABOR” product line from BABOR Professional offers facial care and feminine body care cosmetics, which have been developed using innovative high-performance formulas and which provide specific solutions to specific problems. For these precision cosmetics developed and produced in Germany by BABOR, natural and highly effective, highly active ingredients are used. The care products from the “Doctor BABOR” series represent a synergy between cosmetics and medicine.

Doctor BABOR - the precision cosmetics from Germany

The facial care cosmetics from the Doctor BABOR series by BABOR Professional provide precision solutions for every beauty need. The various products differ according to treatment and can be divided into the following sub-categories:

* Micro Cellular Treatment:
The Micro Cellular cosmetics boost skin renewal, promoting skin regeneration after an intensive peeling treatment or a cosmetic micro-dermabrasion. The focus is on an active agent concentrate composed of Gatuline Skin Repair Bio and wakame extracts.

* Biogen Cellular Treatment:
This series supports an intensive regeneration of the skin, including in post-operative wound and healing treatments. Intensive cell regeneration is achieved with the special “Biogen Plant Extract”.

* Derma Cellular Treatment:
This high-tech care series offers intensive-action, specific solutions for specific beauty problems such as bags under the eyes, expression lines and pigment disorders. Special, concentrated products support the skin metabolism, cell renewal and the improvement in elasticity.

* Neuro Sensitiv Cellular Treatment:
This neuro-cosmetic care series addresses the problems and characteristics of dry and extremely sensitive skin. These care products are based on the innovative active ingredient Neuroxyl. The skin is soothed, itching eased, and redness and irritation reduced. The Neuro Sensitiv Cellular products are free of parabens, mineral oils, perfumes and synthetic colours.

* Purity Cellular Treatment:
The products of this facial care range work with special active ingredient combinations against acute, stress-related and extreme skin impurities, which, among other things, encourage spots and acne to form. Existing spots are diminished quickly and the formation of new ones is halted.

* Boost Cellular Series:
This facial care series comprises a new active ingredient cosmetic with concentrated high-tech active agents in the form of 2-phase ampules. Included in the series are the Youth Control formula (anti-wrinkle care, firming, contouring), the Glow Booster formula (radiance, evenness, vibrancy) and the Stress Relief Formula (soothing, strengthening, moisturising).

* Body Cellular Treatment:
This series offers special body care cosmetics that, as intensive-effect care products, address the grievances of the female problem zones.