Ampoule Concentrates FP by BABOR

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Ampoule Concentrates FP Facial care by BABOR

The Ampoule Concentrates FP cosmetic series from the expert beauty product brand BABOR Professional captures in the fluids sealed in glass ampules an exquisite range of highly concentrated active ingredients for facial care. According to the knowledge and the company philosophy that nature works more intensively and effectively in high concentrations, BABOR developed these skincare products as power packages which present their nourishing effects immediately and noticeably. The concentrates are classified according to specific skincare areas and needs. Thus the fluids contain special active ingredients in a high dosage, which are designed to work on the respective skin structure and condition. The fluids are extremely skin-compatible and develop a visible and tangible effect.

Facial care in the purest form - Ampoule Concentrates FP

BABOR Professional developed the facial care Ampoule Concentrates FP to target specific categories of care, in order to provide the individual needs of the skin with the correct care in its purest form. The different areas are defined as follows:

* Moisture & Lipid:
Concentrates such as "Hydra Plus Active Fluid" or the "Algae Active Fluid" provide dry skin with moisture, rebuild the skin’s natural barriers and have a revitalising effect.
* Sensitiv:
Concentrates such as "Stop Stress Fluid" or the "Multi Active Vitamin Fluid" smooth and strengthen sensitive or stressed skin.
* Pure:
Concentrates such as the "Purifying Active Fluid" or the "Intense Balance Fluid" help with blemished and oily skin, and with spots.
* Anti-Aging:
Concentrates such as the "Lift Express Fluid", the "3D Lifting Fluid" or the "Triple Booster Fluid" provide effective support when it comes to fighting the signs of aging and to maintaining a fresh and youthful appearance. They also help ensure elasticity and evenness in the skin, a firming of the connective tissue and a reduction in the depth of wrinkles.

The wide range of the BABOR Ampoule Concentrates FP cosmetic series supplies the solution for every skin problem, whether it is rough, chapped skin or a tired, sallow complexion. The facial care products offer with great expertise effective help and pampering in a pure form.